9 Best Affiliate Programs for Baby Products in 2021

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9 Best Affiliate Programs for Baby Products - baby clotheslineAffiliate Programs are where you find the products you want to promote from your own website. Then when a visitor clicks a link to a product on your own website and goes on to purchase as a result of your marketing efforts, that merchant will pay you a commission. If your niche is Baby Products then this 9 Best Affiliate Programs for Baby Products in 2020 post is the place to browse the products these nine companies have available. So dive in and get browsing!

9 Best Affiliate Programs for Baby Products - The Cute Kid

1. The Cute Kid Affiliate Program

TheCuteKid.com is the largest and most profitable way to turn your web traffic into cash. With parents and relatives spending over 4 trillion dollars a year on babies and kids…conversions are inevitable. Anyone that has a baby or young child will love the photo contests. You make money when your visitors enter the contest, it’s that easy. TheCuteKid is taking the affiliate world by storm with great conversion rates and decent commissions!

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1. The company will pay affiliates a generous $16 per sale payout.

2. Target over 120 Million Families in the US alone, the target audience is global.

3. Offering Free Membership, the company works hard to convert your visitors to paid Contest Entrants. They remarket to convert your leads to customers within 120 days usually!

The Contest Entry is incentivized generously, so members will receive over $70 of free products on contest entry. All first time contest entrants receive a free canvas portrait ($50 value) and a full year Subscription to Parenting Magazine. The CuteKid offers great value and a chance to win thousands of dollars and a yearly contest winner for a $25,000 College tuition Fund. Be one of the first affiliates to capitalize on the Baby and Child Photo Contest market! KEYWORD FILES are made available to you for PPC Marketing and SEO site building. The affiliate management for TheCuteKid.com is outsourced to the dedicated services of AffiliateTraction. The CuteKid have a vested interest in your success and therefore committed to providing affiliate publishers like yourself, with ample tools needed to successfully launch and promote this program. The CuteKid are available for custom creative, landing pages, and content. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions they always welcome a phone call or email.

Join the CuteKid Affiliate Program

2. Curious World Affiliate Program9 Best Affiliate Programs for Baby Products - Curious World

Curious World is the #1 early learning app for parents who want to fuel their child’s curiosity, boost academic skills & build a lifelong love of learning. Aimed at toddlers and children from 3 to 7 years.

A Curious World subscription unlocks unlimited access to hundreds of educational games, books, videos and activities updated weekly so your kids will never be bored. Curious World focus on developing 8 key life skills from maths and literacy, to creativity, executive function and social and emotional skills.

An ever expanding world of hundreds of educational games, books, videos and activities are updated weekly. All expertly selected to boost academic skills, develop curious young minds and build a lifelong love of learning.

So much more than just math and literacy – All of the content is mapped to 8 key learning areas to develop their academic knowledge, but also essential life skills like social & emotional, creative expression, health and wellbeing.

Curious World are COPPA compliant and ad-free so the child can navigate the app without ad interuption. They offer a base commission rate of $2 for monthly subscriptions and higher rates for increased promotion and annual subscriptions.

Join the Curious World Affiliate Program

3. DockATot Affiliate Program

9 Best Affiliate Programs for Baby Products - DockATot

DockATot® is a leading brand that makes multi-functional lounging, playing, chilling, resting and snuggling cushioned docks you can take anywhere. Designed in Sweden with emphasis on style and comfort, allowing mothers to feed, soothe, and bond with baby.

The differences are in the sheer innovation; love and luxury that have been exhaustively thought out in the design process. Every material and detail is carefully micro-managed to ensure the highest quality, non-toxicity, comfort, and convenience.

The 100% cotton fashion sheets are machine washable, allowing for easy changes for life’s messy moments.

The docks are created to provide a soft and tender surrounding for little ones to lie in and feel snug and comforted.

With two sizes ranging from 0-36 months, the DockATot® Grand and Deluxe+ docks will transition with the child through every stage.

DockATot® are constantly testing and improving the on-site experience, so as to increase the conversions you’ll see from the program.

Specifics include

  • $160+ Average Order Value
  • -Site usability and conversion optimization
  • -Products created with high quality materials
  • -A responsive affiliate team
  • -90 day cookie

Join the DockATot Affiliate Program

4. Baby Bjorn Affiliate Program9 Best Affiliate Programs for Baby Products - Baby Bjorn

BabyBjörn is a Swedish family-owned baby products manufacturer specializing in making ergonomic baby carriers, natural-rocking baby bouncers, travel cribs, accessories and more. The products are suitable for newborn to 3 years of age. They also offer a Kitchen range of baby plates, cups and spoons are designed for small hands.

Join the Baby Bjorn Affiliate Program

No Traffic = No Earnings
From Affiliate Programs
See how the experts are earning online with simple affiliate websites using my #1 recommended affiliate training.

Everything is Included: live help, tech support, and step-by-step walkthrough lessons!

5. PatPat Affiliate Program9 Best Affiliate Programs for Baby Products - PatPat

PatPat.com is a shopping deal site/app for moms and families. PatPat connect end-manufacturers to end-consumers directly. Their Primary categories are adorable clothes for babies, toddlers and children, plus maternity and parent-child suits. The best audience is people buying for baby shower gifts, baby clothes and multi-buys.

An average order basket is $85.

PatPat have a category called “flash Sale” every day they will drop their prices on selected items.

Seven day no quibble refund. 45-day cookie. Free US Domestic Shipping on orders over $35.00.

Join the PatPat Affiliate Program

6. Goumikids Affiliate Program9 Best Affiliate Programs for Baby Products - GoumiKids

INTRODUCING GOUMIKIDS AFFILIATE PROGRAM. Private commission offers up to 20% Smart, thoughtful baby essentials tackling the tiniest of challenges. Mitts, boots, rompers, sleepsuites, and more! 10% of all proceeds go to helping children worldwide.

Join the Goumikids Affiliate Program

7. Rockabye Affiliate Program 9 Best Affiliate Programs for Baby Products - Rockabye

In the world of ordinary baby gifts and toddler toys, Rockabye is truly extraordinary! Their rockers are designed in house with high quality music, the softest fabrics from around the world and maple hardwoods.  They are manufactured in the USA. Rockabye rockers are not just a toy but a family heirloom that will last generations.

They have an ongoing promotion of 50% off their rockers: classic rockers are priced at $74.99 (regularly $149.99) and play and rock rockers are priced at $79.99 (regularly $159.99). Play and Rock rockers have additional details and features versus Classic rockers. From time to time they offer a limited number of rockers at an additional discount. Customers can also choose to personalize their rocker by engraving their child’s name for $15.00 and add custom color to the engraving for $10.00. About one-third of customers choose the personalization option.

Program Features:

  • 6% commission rate
  • 45 day referral period
  • Audience target: parents, friends and grandparents of young children

Rockabye encourage affiliates to use generic keywords in their search engine optimization. However, affiliates may not use the Rockabye trademark name, domain name or misspellings or variations of these. Be sure to read the Program Terms for the detailed SEM policy on registering for this program.

Join the Rockabye Affiliate Program

8. Sleep Baby Sleep Affiliate Program9 Best Affiliate Programs for Baby Products - Sleep Baby Sleep

Sleep Baby Sleep Will Show You Everything You Need To Know About Getting Your Child To Sleep Well So That You Can Kiss Goodbye To Sleepless Nights For You And Your Family!

Sleep Baby Sleep is the first book that is written with the busy parents in mind who has no time to read a book from cover to cover. The quick start guide and key tips will help you find your family’s sleep solution right away! Authored by Zoe Chu, a mother of 4 including twins and a baby and child sleep expert with over a decade of experience, Sleep Baby Sleep is practical and easy to read!

Join the Sleep Baby Sleep Affiliate Program

9. Robeez Affiliate Program9 Best Affiliate Programs for Baby Products - Robeez

Robeez is the leader in soft sole leather baby shoes and one of the most sought-after lines of children’s footwear.  The footwear features ankle hugging elastic so shoes stay on and are available in more than 60 adorable designs. Moms and pediatricians recommend Robeez for babies and toddlers up to 4 years old.

The base commission pays 8% on all sales referred from your web site. Robeez offer premium incentives to increase your monthly commissions that are realistic and attainable for the affiliates. The cookie referral period is 90 days with unlimited occurrences so you can capture repeat customers who purchase again.

Robeez offer banners, text links and a product catalog to assist you in promoting Robeez on your web site and earn more money. The products work best when partnered with gift, baby, children, toy, parenting, and virtual mall web sites. Be part of a winning team attitude and attainable it is to make money with a quality brand like Robeez.

Please note: They don’t permit bidding on the Robeez trademark name or any variation of it including misspellings for placements in search engines and shopping portals to any unauthorized publishers. Links should be within web sites and not forums or blogs.

Join the Robeez Affiliate Program

How to Find More Affiliate Programs

Conducting a Google Search is a great way to find more income earning affiliate programs related to Baby that are more suited to your site or needs. Or perhaps it’s food related affiliate programs you are interested in or recurring commission based affiliate programs. No matter what your interest is, the following screenshot is an example of a Google affiliate programs search that you can conduct yourself!

Alternatively, go directly to an affiliate program network platform such as ShareAsale to browse the many merchant product companies and join the ones you would like to earn commission from!

20 Best Beauty Affiliate Programs - Google Search

The Best Way to Get Started with Your Own Affiliate Marketing Website

If you are just starting out and want to see what is available to you, not just in the way of affiliate programs but also tools such as Website Building and Hosting and affiliate marketing step-by-step training, then head over to Wealthy Affiliate, a platform made for pupose – no credit card required.

Build Your First Blog Before Your Coffee is Brewed!

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No Traffic = No Earnings
From Affiliate Programs
See how the experts are earning online with simple affiliate websites using my #1 recommended affiliate training.

Everything is Included: live help, tech support, and step-by-step walkthrough lessons!

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4 thoughts on “9 Best Affiliate Programs for Baby Products in 2021”

  1. It’s unbelievable that over 4 trillions dollars are spent on baby and child products per year … That is a huge market!

    The Cute Kid Affiliate program looks like a great one. Do you advise beginning a niche you may not know much about, not being a parent, but one that you could still participate in, due to experience with kids in teaching in school? It’s a different kind of relationship with children, not a parental one. I’m not sure if someone could start a blog in the children’s niche despite not having any children but having worked with them?

    Rockabye seems to be another great one, they have good prices and provide beautiful rockers of strong material. Sleep Baby Sleep is probably also a popular one. When you just start out with a website, is it wise to sign up for many affliate programs or is it better to sign up for a few and increase the number of affiliate programs in time?

    • Hiya Christine!

      Thank you for your comments and questions. Firstly, a niche can be anything you have knowledge in and therefore your work and experience teaching children is ideal! Childrens books, school gear, educational toys, school stationary and the list goes on!

      When you are just starting out I suggest you concentrate on creating written content whether it be reviewing a product related to your niche or a ‘How to’ article for example. One you have traffic coming to your website then you can think about signing to affiliate programs. One to start with but until you get the hang of things. If you are keen to get started then be sure to check out my #1 recommendation for some free training. 

  2. This is a great post on the 9 best Affiliate Programs for Baby products. I have not yet come across any of these companies, so it is a good way to get started. 

    I am not sure what the product is that DockATot actually makes. You mention cushioned docks that you can take anywhere, but I am not sure what that actually is? Could you give me more details on the products please. 

    I have noticed that most of the programs have a country availability of US, apart from Sleep Baby Sleep which is available globally. I live in Italy, so does that mean that I cannot promote most of these programs? Or is it that they only ship within the US?

    • Hiya! Thanks for taking the time out to visit and comment on the nine best affiliate prgrams for baby products.

      First of all the cushioned docks are purpose made cushions for baby to sleep on and are handy to take with you anywhere.

      As far as what you can promote will depend on where the affiliates are available as well as operational issues such as being able to deliver items from one country to another. There is no standard means of operation as each country has it’s own criteria and laws but also what the affiliates ability are also i.e. importing/exporting licenses. The safest way to be sure about what and where you can promote is to ask the affiliate program themselves. 



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