My Super Affiliate Builder Review

Who is behind My Super Affiliate Builder?

Andrew Fox is behind My Super Affiliate Builder along with Chris Fox. Andrew is a long time veteran in the online marketing scene and a name most affiliate marketers are familiar with. He is also behind another product known as Zapable and Easy Sketch Pro which place in JVZoos top sellers of all time. As a veteran Andrew is leveraging his experience and knowledge onto those who are willing to pay for it. In this case in the range of $39 to $197 but we’ll get to more detail about the price range soon.

My Super Affiliate Builder Review - Andrew Fox and Chris Fox
Founders of My Super Affiliate Builder

What is My Super Affiliate Builder?

My Super Affiliate Builder is basically software. In their own words it’s “A Tool Made By Super Affiliates (for Super Affiliates) to Turn Ordinary People Into Super Affiliates! The Fast & Easy Way”. Bold words indeed and just so you know, a funnel alone does not a Super Affiliate make – especially if you are just starting out and not familiar with the concepts of affiliate marketing in the first place. 

Yet the words used in the promotion may imply that anyone with little or no experience is going to have super success with this product. But without some experience or knowledge in affiliate marketing and marketing funnels, email marketing, copyright, swipe files and such things, you may struggle. Your best bet then would be to get some good affiliate marketing training first.

What Does My Super Affiliate Builder Do?

The My Super Affiliate Builder tool is a software program that will build marketing funnels to use in online promotions. Everything is customizable. The software is programmed in a way that makes the building of funnels quicker due to ease of use. You decide on what you want in the funnel and will even offer some pre-programmed options in some cases. The software is not designed with the affiliate marketing beginner in mind though as you would still need to understand the terms or jargon used in the demonstration video. Here is a screenshot below of Chris Fox explaining the builder using a Golf Swing Questionnaire built into this particular funnel.

My Super Affiliate Builder Review - builder software

Do You Have to be a Super Affiliate Already to Use the My Super Affiliate Builder?

However, if you are a seasoned affiliate marketer and are familiar with the terms, then this software might be what you are looking for. It walks you through the steps and therefore cuts down on time. But it also is very well thought out with affiliate marketing strategies in mind like giving you colour choices for buttons, text and so on because the colour of a button for example can persuade a user to continue through the funnel or even to go ahead and purchase. The software gives you choices and even high converting colour combinations. But get some training first if you are new to online affiliate marketing. See my #1 recommendation here.

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What is a Marketing Funnel?  

A marketing funnel is named so because it is likened to a funnel you use in the kitchen in that it controls the flow of its contents like pouring liquid into a narrow necked bottle. So, imagine that the visitors are being funnelled through a sequence of pages because they are attracted to the promotion. Not all of these visitors will go all the way through the funnel sequence so expect some to drop off. In theory, what you are left with are those visitors who assume that you are offering enough value by giving them a solution to their problem, so they go on to purchase the product.

My Super Affiliate Builder Review - Products in Funnel

Upsells are common in a funnel so your visitors may go on to purchase several different items known as upsells. It can be very lucrative when you get your funnels right. But they can be a lot of work when you are not ofay with the language and concepts of online marketing. The good news is there is some excellent purpose built affiliate training to combat that. 

Can You Make Money with My Super Affiliate Builder?

You can make money from building funnels with the My Super Affiliate Builder Software assuming the funnels work. There can be many moving parts to a marketing funnel and can be quite detailed in structure including optin pages, hooks, building email lists, having upsells which might include ebooks and even hardcover books for example. The most elaborate funnels and offerings such as ebooks, can actually take an enormous amount of time and resources to build. But when you get it right then thousands of dollars can be made from just one funnel and it can continue like this for months. There are similar products to My Super Affiliate Builder such as Clickfunnels.

What Does My Super Affiliate Builder Cost?

As I mentioned earlier, the price point is between $39 and $197 so it is broken down like this…

  • Done for you Funnel Package – Per month is $29 which works out to $319 because the 1st 30 days are free.
  • My Super Affiliate Builder – $39 to $197 one time cost.
  • Done for you Super Affiliate Funnels Package at a cost of $197 one time cost.
  • Done for you Super Affiliate Funnels Package Lite at a one time cost.
My Super Affiliate Builder Review - prices

Is My Super Affiliate Builder a Scam?

I do believe that My Super Affiliate Builder is a legitimate product by a legitimate well known and respected longterm affiliate marketer – Andrew Fox. If you’re not satisfied with the product you can always request a refund directly from them.

Final Thoughts

The My Super Affiliate Builder is similar to the likes of Clickfunnels and provides similar things within each of the Funnel builders and therefore can cut the building time down quite a bit. There is a fair amount of automation involved in funnels and this can be complicated unless using software such as this.

Marketing Funnels should be used if you want to increase your earnings as an online marketer. However, make sure you get the proper training first. When done properly, you will have an edge on a great start to a lucrative online career in affiliate marketing.

Alternative Option

Wealthy Affiliate is a made for purpose online affiliate training platform for all levels. It gives you the tools along with all the training you need to succeed in online business. No credit card needed. Compared to My Super Affiliate, Wealthy Affiliate is superior to what it has to offer as per the following comparison.

Build Your First Blog Before Your Coffee is Brewed!

Learn How to Start Your Own Fun Blog using My 4 Step Formula

Rina Walker

Rina Walker - Founder of EarningOnline.come

I am Rina Walker the founder of Earning Online and have been running a successful affiliate marketing website and blogging about earning online opportunites since November 2016. The niches that I am involved in include Wealth Creation, Permaculture, Action Cameras and Social Enterprise - all of which I have a great interest in.

I'm also involved in helping, supporting and coaching online entrepreneurs of all levels to build and run their own successful web-based affiliate business.

4 thoughts on “My Super Affiliate Builder Review”

  1. As Super Affiliate Builder build funnels, I would agree that it is a little misleading to think a beginner could actually jump right into the program and be happy with it.  Don’t you?  I think that to be successful in selling over the long haul, you need to use the product and get comfortable with it and figure out how to use it.  Seldom do the people selling the plans get the training into the simpler instruction mode.  With software, those who know how to work with specifics of how it works, forget that new users are not aware of the functions of their particular software and the results to expect.  Often “easy” means that it is easy if you have been into this product production for the past 20 years!  

    To me, there is a similarity in Political Conventions and new software programs.  They have good points for certain individuals.  Not for people of a wider need.  When the product sold is for the end of the process as a sales funnel is, it is safe to think that I should have started with the guys at the concept of this product.  By the time you get to the end you are more comfortable, but the learning process will take a while.  Thank you for the review that reminded me to think for myself instead of jumping right in over my head to be dissatisfied about results.  A funnel is only part of the process.

    • Hiya Sami! 

      Thanks for taking the time to visit and for your comments. If you are a newby to online marketing, then jumping straight into funnels could be a mistake if one hasn’t got a good grounding in the concepts, strategies and son on and will as you say end up being disapointed with their results and even be put off online affiliate marketing and that would be a shame. 

      When I think about when I got started, I would have appreciated someone telling me to do the essential ground work by getting some good training and then grow and develop from there instead of jumping into the deep end first. Although there are some who can cope with that but for most it would be better to start from scratch, especially if you are new or have’nt had that much experience yet. 

      Thanks again Sami, I much appreciate your contribution.

  2. I have not heard of My Super Affiliate Builder before, so thank you for this informative review on it. It is reassuring to see that an experienced and well known affiliate marketer like Andrew Fox is behind the software. 

    I recently started looking at sales funnels and do find it very confusing and feel I will need a lot of training on it before I can dive into a program like My Super Affiliate Builder. Or do you think it would be suitable for a complete beginner?

    • Hiya! 

      Thanks for taking the time to visit and for the comments and question. I would recommend beginners take time to learn affiliate marketing because this knowledge will surely give you an edge on any strategy employed by experienced and super affiliates. The super affiliates who employ marketing funnels know the complexities of how they work. Beginners will very rarely if at all get it right the first few times, thereby wasting time and money. Learn the basics, get some experience, learn how to earn and then you might be ready to play the super affiliate game. This is what I recommend. Check out my #recommendation and detail about affiliate marketing training. 


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