How to Make a Video Facebook Cover in Canva

Ok, so Canva is an online digital creation platform for those looking to increase their online presence and visitor engagement. Whether you have experience or not, canva is very user friendly. A child is able to create stunning standout graphics, it’s that easy as you will see in this How to Make a Video Facebook Cover in Canva post!

Basically, Canva consists of customised template dimensions and multiple categories and template libraries for any occasion and use, such as Pins for Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter and so on. Today though I am going to provide you with instructions and video demonstration on How to Make a Video Facebook Cover in Canva. So, let’s do this!

The Canva Dashboard

Here we are at the Canva Dashboard. When you sign up for a Canva account, you are presented with your personalised dashboard. Your profile sits in the top right hand corner.

How to Make a Video Facebook Cover in Canva - Canva dashboard

This is where you will find all the Canva Tools as well as space for your own branding resources including your brand colours, logos and so on. This is also where all your designs are saved to – I have over 200 personal design templates and I can find any of them with a quick search or just by scrolling through my collection.

Pre-prepared Dimensions in Canva

Canva has pre-prepared dimensions for over 50 templates all in one place to make life simple, straightforward and to save time. Today’s template and the reason for this post, is the Facebook Cover. You can view the cover by clicking your Profile name.

How to Make a Video Facebook Cover in Canva - Earning Online Facebook Cover

Choose the Facebook Cover in Canva

How to Make a Video Facebook Cover in Canva - Canva Categories

All you have to do is to choose the pre-prepared Facebook Cover template from the selection panel displaying the various template choices. When you mouse over your choice, the dimensions will be displayed below the name of the category you are choosing and in this case the Facebook Cover. So, the dimensions for the Facebook Cover is 2050 x 780 px (pixels).

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The Canva Design Studio

The design studio has all of the tools in one place accessible on your left and by clicking and scrolling up and down and across the selection of tools. The two tone grey area is where your design is built. The dimensions of the design canvas is shown in the lighter grey tone. Now you are ready to select the tools menu and begin the design process. But first I just want to explain the tools menu.

The Tools Menu

There are 8 Menu icons starting with ‘Templates’ followed by ‘Uploads’ ‘Photos’ ‘Elements’ ‘Text’ ‘Videos’ ‘Bkground’ (background) and ‘Folders’. For today’s purpose we are going to use the following three menus.

How to Make a Video Facebook Cover in Canva - Canva videos menu
How to Make a Video Facebook Cover in Canva - Canva Text menu
How to Make a Video Facebook Cover in Canva - Canva Uploads menu

The ‘Templates’ includes a search bar and also shows a number of templates in the menus panel. So you can save even more time by choosing a pre programmed template. But, today we are going to create a cover from scratch. However, let me briefly explain some of these menus first as follows…

  • Elements – is a library of cool graphic elements you can choose to add to your design. Here is a small example of some of these elements.
How to Make a Video Facebook Cover in Canva - Canva Elements menu
  • Videos – is obviously a selection of short video clips and you can search them by entering a keyword and it will give you a related selection of videos.
How to Make a Video Facebook Cover in Canva - Canva Videos menu sampling
  • Text – this menu gives you a selection of pre-programmed ‘font pairings’ as well as various designs such as neon, cartoon and so on as shown in the following screenshot.
How to Make a Video Facebook Cover in Canva - Canva Text menu sampling
  • Uploads – this menu allows you to upload your own images, logos, videos and so on, allowing you your own unique resources to use alone or in conjunction with other menu features which I will go through now.

Building Out the Facebook Cover Video Design

Step 1: Because I am going to use my own Earning Online branding resources, I am going to start by uploading the logo from the ‘Uploads’ menu which I saved into the library prior. Scroll down to find the logo and click it. It will be placed into the dimensions of the Facebook Cover (the light grey area) as shown in the following screenshot. You can move to position it within the dimensions of the cover and resize it to fit your needs.

How to Make a Video Facebook Cover in Canva - Canva Video design

Step 2: In the top right hand corner, name and save the design at this point if you haven’t already. There is however, an autosave feature within just to be safe.

Step 3: Select a relatable video from the ‘Videos’ library or one you uploaded yourself to the ‘Uploads’ menu, and click it to view it in the design studio. Tip – right click the video clip inside the design studio to select ‘Send to Back’ or ‘Send Backward’ if it is covering the logo. There is also a ‘Bring Forward’ or ‘Bring to Front’ option too.

How to Make a Video Facebook Cover in Canva - Canva Earning Online Video design

Step 4: Using the ‘Download’ menu at the top right hand corner and the File type MP4 Video Beta menu will appear – click Download to save the design to your hard-drive – I prefer to do this rather than use the direct method of downloading it to Facebook.

How to Make a Video Facebook Cover in Canva - Canva download menu

But, either way will work. I now can pick it up from my hard-drive.

How to Make a Video Facebook Cover in Canva - Facebook Change Cover feature

Step 5: Go to your Facebook and click the Profile name you want to add the cover too. If you want to add the cover to a page you created, click that pages Profile name to view the cover. Now, mouse over the camera icon in the top left hand corner of the facebook cover itself and a ‘Change Cover’ button will appear – click it to open and upload the canva design from your hard-drive to your facebook cover!

Step 6: You just need to publish it within Facebook once you are happy with it, which takes a minute or so. Then it is dones. Repeat these steps for any additional facebook pages. Your followers are sure to be impressed!

I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I have enjoyed bringing it to you 🙂

Also go over to read my How to Create Way Cool Neon Pins in Canva post or to watch the video.

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4 thoughts on “How to Make a Video Facebook Cover in Canva”

  1. I recently started using Canva about seven months ago without knowing what the app was on it’s own. I just thought it was going to be just another photo editing platform but no. Canva has been my personal partner when it comes to creating infographics, posts for Instagram and also for twitter. It has everything you need in just one place and even if you have no idea on how editing works, you’ll learn in no time with this platform. It’s not only easy to use but it has a lot of extra alternatives from which you can add to your creating to make it feel as original as possible. Have you been using it long?

    • Hi Stephanie

      Thank you for your visit and for your comments and question. I have been using canva for all of my social media and website grahics. My daughter even uses it for her studies especially in her presentation assignments and such. so Canva is useful for many many things. You are right also about ease of use and saving time on any project due to the click and drag and drop features but also the use of an enormous library of images, text and video. I love using it for all these reasons but also the fact that it saves me money as well. Thats always a good thing.

  2. Nice description of what Canva Tools is and how to use it. The directions are very clear and the usage of pictures is helpful for visual learners. Canva seems very user friendly for trying to make videos. Did you use Canva to help you make this website? How easy was it for you go figure out how to use this tool? Did it take a long time to figure out or was it as straight forward as you explained it?

    • Hiya  Lex!

      Thanks for the  comments and questions Lex. I used camtasia to make the video which I will provide a review for another time. But I do indeed use canva to make feature images for my website posts. It wasn’t hard to learn to use canva and the dashboard and studio are very user friendly so makes any job straighforward and time efficient.  Apart from the website feature images, I use it for all my social media and other visual projects and presenations. It’s added so much value to my business and other projects.

      Thanks again for taking the time to call by!  


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