7 Best Social Media Templates in Canva

Social Media is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website, and other online presence – there is no doubt about that. So, today I am bringing to you a showcase of the 7 Best Social Media Templates in Canva that I have used to date. 

So to help with standing out in a crowd then graphics, animation, video, audio and text is all important to your campaigns. Canva is one of the best drag n drop online tools to build these digital assets and you don’t need to have graphics design expereience.

  1. Canva Animated Pins
  2. Canva Video Pins
  3. Canva Animated Video Pins
  4. Canva Animated Facebook Post
  5. Canva Infographics
  6. Canva Slide Presentation
  7. Canva Mind Maps

But what is Canva?

If you have never heard of Canva or used Canva before then perhaps today will change all of that. Canva is an online drag and drop interface for building digital assets simply and in no time at all – just like the feature image above!

Canva was founded in 2012 and It has progressively grown to a membership of 15 million in 2020. It has been a popular tool for online marketers such as influencers, big companies, and affiliate marketers all over the world. It doesn’t matter what niche you are in, it works for everything.

How Does Canva Work?

Canva has a huge library of items to choose from – 50,000 plus in fact. You choose a template from the library and it pops it into the design interface. From there you choose whatever items you want for your design from text pairings, photos, to animation, to video and audio and any item you upload to your Canva library like your branding material such as logos and colours.


Here’s the 7 Best Social Media Templates in Canva?

#1 Canva Animated Pins – I am going to kick this line up off with animated Pinterest pins. Using animation in Pinterest really helps your pins to standout in a crowd and that is why it is on my 7 best list. Here’s a short video showing animated pins made in Canva.

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#2 Canva Video Pins – Video is king of engagement and having this feature in your Pinterest pins can make all the difference to your Pinterest engagement. Here’s a video of three examples.

#3 Canva Animated Video Pins – these pins have both animation and video giving you a dynamic design that pops out from the rest. Check them out in the following short video.

#4 Canva Animated Facebook Post – We all know the power of facebook to get in front of an audience and that is why this Canva template works! These kind of posts can really increase the click through power. Watch the following short video to get an idea of why this template can attract the eye.


#5 Canva Infographics – Pockets of information in a grid display on a digital card is probably the way to describe infographics. They are fun to build especially in Canva and they have that extra kick with animation.

#6 Canva Slide Presentation – So like a powerpoint or google slide presentation, a presentation built in Canva is used for the same reasons. Presenters can start and stop each side as required. Take a look at the slides in action in the following short video.

#7 Canva Mind Maps – The Mind Map templates in Canva are very useful tools to have and I use them to teach affiliate marketers aspects of online marketing in a visual way without a lot of text. Many teachers use them in their classes across the education sector so take a look at a few examples below. Building these mind maps in Canva is straightforward and does not have to take a lot of time which I like very much. But I am able to still achieve a very professional design as is the case with any of the Canva templates.

7 Best Social Media Templates in Canva - Mind Map
7 Best Social Media Templates in Canva - Mind Map templates

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Canva Graphics Lead to Site Conversions

Imagine what you can do to scale your online business with these Canva Graphics. They lead to more visitors to your site and therefore lead to more conversions which is an online affiliate marketers ultimate goal. 

How Much Does Canva Cost?

The great news is that Canva has a free version so it doesn’t cost you anything but a little of your time.

However, Canva Pro gives you even more options for $12.95/month or $9.95/month, if you pay annually. This version is particularly awesome for single staff affiliate marketers or for small team collaborators.

There is a third Canva version for big company teams.


Build Your First Blog Before Your Coffee is Brewed!

Learn How to Start Your Own Fun Blog using My 4 Step Formula

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  1. I have a Pinterest account and I create pins to redirect the audience to my blog or affiliate link. I am glad I came across your article as I was not aware of Canva. This will save me time choosing pins not to mention that I will not be designing them myself from scratch. Great informative article and I like the fact that it is well organised. Great to have an alternative that will save me time and also uphold quality. 

    • Hiya Ezra! 

      Great to have you visit my site and also to have your valued comments. Canva is indeed a great alternative to starting from scratch and to the having someone else do these graphics for you. 

      This is what I like the most about it as life is so busy I just want to do these kind of things in a few minutes but also still have the professional quality. 

      The other option is to outsorce this work but it takes at least a whole day because of timezones for example, and of course it costs.

      Thanks again Ezra for taking the time to call by.

  2. Hello Rina, thanks for sharing this really nice piece of information and I have to say it’s really useful going by the fact that social media has been playing a high role in business and a means of getting to a wider audience. All of these canva examples are really nice and I really like the Pinterest pin because I have an account there. It would be nice to try it out. 


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